She, in addition to Jay, Michaela, and may, had been turned to the unique Ikabula tribe bash group turn, and had been signed up with by Takali users Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest.
She, in addition to Jay, Michaela, and may, had been turned to the unique Ikabula tribe bash group turn, and had been signed up with by Takali users Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest.

If Ikabula missed immunity, Michaela proposed that they cut the company's votes between Bret and Sunday, and vote Bret for the revote. Hannah and Michaela voted for Bret, but Jay and often will joined Bret and Sunday in blindsiding Michaela.

Returning from Tribal Council, Hannah is upset about are outside of the program. The mix took place a day later. She regrouped with fellow Vanua allies Adam and Zeke. Will acquired resistance. The master plan would be to blindside Michelle. But any time a paranoid Adam begun discussing with Taylor, Hannah assumed voting aside Adam if you are untrustworthy, but at Tribal Council, she joined up with many in blindsiding Michelle. From the subsequent Tribal Council, she helped to the alignment split his or her ballots between Taylor and Jay, and Taylor ended up being elected away. On time 28, Hannah and Zeke were stuck within the between the Takali alignment who qualified Jessica Smith, and David Wright's alignment exactly who directed Chris Hammons. The two sided aided by the last alliance, blindsiding Chris.

Following the next benefit difficulty, Hannah informed David about Zeke's wish to minimize him or her, and she made a decision to enroll with David's Vinaka association. Before Tribal Council, Zeke spoke to Hannah about his own organize; after she ended up being noticeably hesitant to manage against David, Zeke chose to concentrate on the girl alternatively. Hannah tried out recruiting Adam to enlist them, David, Jessica, and Ken McNickle, and require a tie. At Tribal Council, the alignment elected for Zeke while Zeke's Vinaka association chosen on her which ended in a 5-5 wrap between their and Zeke. The revote concluded in a 4-4 connect between the woman and Zeke. Not one person would changes the company's votes, so then a rock painting Tiebreaker happened where Jessica was removed by choosing the unfortunate stone.

They came out Hannah's alliance was at the number. The escort service El Monte day after, Hannah satisfied the girl woman Liz inside the family and friends challenges. Adam claimed immunity.

At prison, Hannah believed she thought she ended up being the prospective. At Tribal Council, Adam starred a Hidden Immunity Idol on her, however, it only negated four votes as may turned to the association so Zeke was actually blindsided. Inside the subsequent Tribal Council, Hannah signed up with just about all in blindsiding might. Ken won resistance right at the ultimate seven. At team, Hannah chose to focus on Sunday to hinder her association people from taking the lady into the end of the match as a perceived effortless challenger during the panel vote. The lady arrange functioned as Sunday ended up being blindsided.

David earned resistance on week 36. Jay discussed to Hannah and David about blindsiding Bret, but at Tribal Council, Hannah joined Ken, David, Adam, and Bret in blindsiding Jay. Ken landed immunity on night 37. Hannah, David, and Ken affirmed their unique last three offer and proceeded to aim for Adam that they are a more substantial pressure than Bret to acquire the very last test. Adam next informed Hannah about his own latest idol and decide to stop David, but Hannah explained David and Ken. At Tribal Council, Adam played the idol on themselves, but Hannah, David, and Ken elected against Bret to send him or her towards court.

Straight back at camp, a frustrated Adam explained Hannah whenever David caused it to be toward the ultimate Tribal Council, he would gain the video game; though she had over repeatedly spared David, she concurred with Adam and assured to vote against David another day. On morning 38, Ken beaten Hannah to gain the last Immunity challenges. At team, Hannah spoken to Ken about doing away with David. At Tribal Council, Ken enrolled with Hannah and Adam in voting out David.

Right at the last Tribal Council, Hannah and Adam conducted over strategical judgements, and she was belittled for foiling earlier wants to get rid of David. Hannah essentially took over as the co-runner up belonging to the month using Ken, losing to Adam in a unanimous 10-0-0 jury ballot.

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