Premium Five Spoiler warning ahead for certain the informatioin needed for Five. Study at the own discernment.
Premium Five Spoiler warning ahead for certain the informatioin needed for Five. Study at the own discernment.

Spoiler caution forward for several information on Five. Look over in your very own discretion.

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Hector Nieves happens to be a 15-year-old Mexican-American who's going to be best friends with Miko. He will work at Hinobi's store and then he's also a Glitch techie driver to attack and shoot glitches. He's a more puzzle-oriented player compared with Miko and most likely develops the strategies and methods to fight glitches, generating him or her the brains to Miko's brawn.

Five grew up by their dad, Emilio, for the majority of his own child. He was raised enjoying game titles, and this also passion for gaming systems am supported and encouraged by his pops who does usually waiting with him or her away from Hinobi shop for new liberates. His or her dad could just take Five to Geri's classic computer game shop every day after university. When he had been five to six yrs . old, he or she struggled to assist his own pops promote money by choosing to do lots of employment, contains working on his Papi's foods car, to produce a reservation to have their party at Joystick Jr, then again it had been unfortunately ruined through absence of the Ralphie Bear animatronic. It is in addition expose that Five would come with their daddy to your job on a regular basis.

It's not defined as soon as, before the parties of this series, seven's pops am arrested for hacking a security system. Next, Five set out coping with their grandparents and aiding them with the foodstuff pick-up most. Thankfully, his grandparents furthermore supporting his love for video game titles. They even willingly obtained Five around the Hinobi crash tournament if they discovered he previously received a bracelet that shown he was one of the best players when you look at the town.


Tall Five try a fantastic and compassionate son which adore actively playing video gaming and will eventually do anything to achieve his or her goals, never stopping. Usually Five areas we it isn't concerned to stand doing people as he feels it's important to achieve this task. While Five is usually reasonable and accountable, if under fatigue and stress (or a strong sensation generally speaking), this individual comes to be careless and doesnt believe facts completely out or certainly. If frightened or concerned, hell even start to over-think products and obtain jammed in his mind.

Five is equipped with a propensity to be afraid the unfamiliar, as soon as assigned a position, he can be usually reluctant to are unsuccessful they, major visitors like Mitch to maneuver him wrong. Five commonly becomes jammed with his own brain, unable to respond inside the minutes, his notice way too complete to get the space.

Once four should leave his personal brain, he's effective at placing the challenge of every game collectively, such as for instance in "palace Crawl" when he saved all the loot collected in the event that he would need anything afterwards. Their strategies seldom be unsuccessful, then when his intuition catch-up, he's probably the most unsafe problem specialists around.

While Five happens to be someone that prefers to envision before he acts, if aggravated with good thoughts like frustration or dread, he will turned out to be careless and often will hop on people or maybe in some cases, though hardly ever, reset his or her mind intentionally or on problem.

Five furthermore demonstrates a preference to adhere to and go through laws it isn't nervous, albeit hesitant, to break these people. Five can also be proven to lie occasionally put themselves and pals from getting into complications or even wow other folks. And sometimes those dwell become him into danger and may generate a situation worse which is displayed in "the true bug specialists".


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He can be high, most slim, and also has fairly darkish bronze skin. He's got a puffy hair with a galaxy blueish-purple/indigo shade, besides thin legs and arms.

On his laid-back clothing, he can normally remain visible wear an eco-friendly visual t-shirt with a black knee span shirt underneath. In addition, he play gray slim trousers and a pair of Hinobi shoes. At times the guy dons a green hoodie making use of the quantity "5" about it. On different parties, the guy can be seen sporting a different clothing from the visual alternative shirt particularly a yellow one out of "SPROUTS" in addition to a flashback in "lineup venture". In "Ralphie hold", four is so visible escort services in Reno wear a white Ralphie carry themed tee. Five can be noticed using a yellow hoodie with "05" upon it very shortly any time Miko needed him with Lexi's phone-in "chronilogical age of Hinobi"

While involved in the Hinobi stock, his own attire continues to be exactly the same except this individual dons a blue Hinobi polo t-shirt over his own black colored joint period t-shirt as a substitute to one of his true visual tees.

Five could be watched dressed in a standard Hinobi computer service jumpsuit, and that he also is seen sporting problem technology shield when his own technology gauntlet is turned on.


Miko try four's lover and one of his close friends. They loves driving your time along with her on-the-job and from it, and so they regularly bring adventures along. He's got a lot of rely upon this model: no matter if Mitch stated she can be a glitch with a highly sturdy point for the event "choose the Glitch", Five contended so it failed to point because he would manage trusting this model.

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